Your plastics, our care

Broeckx offers numerous ways of collection and transporting plastic ways. We do this through:


Own transportation


Press containers


Open containers


Gauze cages


Plastic bins

Quality assurance due careful sorting

One of the conditions for recycling is a homogeneous and clean flow of plastics. Broeckx Plastic Recycling has all the sorting facilities on-site, which are necessary to guarantee a successful recycling process.

Within Broeckx, we believe in longterm relationships based on mutual trust. For better times, or worse.

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Your plastics, our administrative care

Broeckx Plastic Recycling is affiliated with multiple organisations within The Netherlands and Belgium. By doing this, we give insight into how we process our plastics. These organisations will audit our customers and processors to check if they follow all laws and regulations. This information is shared with the government. These responsibilities and the administrative settlement will be taken care of by Broeckx for all their suppliers. This way, your administrative concerns are our care.

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