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Broeckx Plastic Recycling BV

Broeckx Plastic Recycling is specialized in collecting, sorting, transporting and trading used plastic materials within Europe. Over 40 years in the family, Broeckx collects industrial plastic waste from all kinds of companies. It delivers its customers the right quality for their demand to recycle the plastic materials. Because Broeckx does this honestly and transparently, we can maintain long-term relationships with customers and suppliers that last for decades.
We strive to; improve our service any way possible, improve effects on climate change, and to better regulate costs. We are also your sparring partner when it comes to reusing your recycled materials.


Broeckx Plastic Recycling keeps growing as a specialist in collecting, sorting, and recycling recyclable materials. With its sister company Mega Plastics, Broeckx has a healthy worldwide coverage in different countries and multiple buyers. There is a tight collaboration between buyers and processors to guarantee waste processing, following the rules and regulations for environment and health and safety.
The company’s success is based upon win-win relations and sustainable growth of activities with well-thought investments. Broeckx Plastic Recycling stands for solution-oriented, circularity, flexible, and trustworthy. Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable world for the next generation to come.


The company is founded in 1946 as a transport company. Over time, the company got more professional and was handed over to the next generation within the family. Early 80’s the company started recycling plastic waste. In the 90’s the transport part of the company stopped and the main focus became collecting off industrial plastic waste.

By focusing on long-term relations with suppliers and buyers, most of the business relationships exist for decades. This approach has made the company one of the most prominent players in the Dutch and Belgium market.
In the past, the focus was only on transport and trade of plastic waste. Nowadays, the focus is to use the collected, recycled plastic circularly. We see it as our responsibility to reuse the collected plastics responsibly and sustainably. By doing so, we can unburden our relations in every step.

Veelgestelde vragen

Can I just bring materials to your location?

We prefer you to call beforehand. This way we can estimate if we can process the offered material and we can schedule a timeslot.

What is the Plastic Recycling Group?

Within the Plastic Recycling Group are Broeckx Plastic Recycling BV and Mega Plastics BV. Broeckx Plastic Recycling is active in Europe. Mega Plastics is active outside Europe, mainly Asia.

Which certificates do you have?

We have different certificates. Some of them are NIWO, ISO 9008 and ISO 14001. Do you want to know which certificates we have more? Or are you a relation of Broeckx and you wish to receive a copy? Please contact us.

What are the costs of handing in plastics?

Generally speaking, handing in plastics does not cost you anything. Depending on the quality of the plastics it can make a profit of handing in plastics.

Is it always possible to hand in agricultural plastic foil?

Twice a year there is the possibility to hand in agricultural plastic foil. See our product page for more info or send a mail to landbouw@broeckx.nl

Till which time can I unload my truck?

Unloading of cargo can be done from 7:00 till 16:30. If you want to make sure you can unload at a certain time? Contact planning. We are happy to think with you!

I am looking for materials. What are the qualities Broeckx can offer?

More information about our products you can find on our products page. If you can not find the information you are looking for. Please contact us.

Do you want to know more? Contact us!

Broeckx Plastic Recycling BV

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