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Your plastics, our care

Nowadays, recycling of waste is part of or day to day routine. It’s impossible to imagine a world without it. To create a sustainable environment recycling waste is mandatory.

The Plastic Recycling Group is a family company which is active in collecting, sorting and trading industrial plastic waste for over 40 years.

Our mission is to unburden the customer and at the same time, recycle your plastic waste as secondary raw materials or as circular products. This way, we contribute to a sustainable world for the next generations to come.

Proud partners of the Plastic Recycling group

Broeckx Plastic Recycling is specialized in collecting, sorting, transporting and trading used plastic materials within Europe. Over 40 years in the family, Broeckx collects industrial plastic waste from all kinds of companies. It delivers its customers the right quality for their demand to recycle the plastic materials.

Mega Plastics is specialized in selling used plastic packaging materials outside Europe. Because Mega Plastics is active for over decades in exporting plastics, is has a wide variety of contacts in different sales markets. Mostly in Asia.

What we do best


Collecting plastics

With our own transportation possibilities, we offer every possible solution to collect your plastic waste.


Process and unburden

We will make sure of it that your plastic waste will be processed in a responsible manner in numerous countries inside and outside Europe.



In our sorting facility, all plastics are sorted by different quality groups.


Circular products

We are your discussion partner for using your own plastic waste into new products/


Over 74 years a family company


over 58.191 ton Co2 reduced


We unburden over 374 business locations


We are active in over 15 countries

Over more than 40 years active in plastic recycling

With more than 40 years of professional experience in recycling plastics, we are the right partner for recycling your plastic waste.

Do you want to know more about the Plastic Recycling Group? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Noomi de Maagt

Back office and administration

News & Updates

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Do you want to know more? Contact us!

Broeckx Plastic Recycling BV

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Reachable by mail an phone
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