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Plastic Recycling Group

The Plastic Recycling Group has two sister companies, Broeckx Plastic Recycling BV and Mega Plastics. Both ventures are more than 40 years active in the plastic recycling branch.
Broeckx Plastic Recycling is focussing on collecting, sorting and trade plastics within Europe. Mega Plastics is focussing on export and processing plastics outside Europe, mainly Asia. Together, Broeckx Plastic Recycling and Mega Plastics, provide a full solution for your plastic waste where every aspect of the process is taken care off from start to finish. From collecting your plastic waste to returning granulates or products made from recycled materials.


The company is founded in 1946 as a transport company. Over time, the company got more professional and was handed over to the next generation within the family. Early 80’s the company started recycling plastic waste. In the 90’s the transport part of the company stopped and the main focus became collecting off industrial plastic waste.

By focusing on long-term relations with suppliers and buyers, most of the business relationships exist for decades. This approach has made the company one of the most prominent players in the Dutch and Belgium market.
In the past, the focus was only on transport and trade of plastic waste. Nowadays, the focus is to use the collected, recycled plastic circularly. We see it as our responsibility to reuse the collected plastics responsibly and sustainably. By doing so, we can unburden our relations in every step.

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Broeckx Plastic Recycling BV

Notelstraat 47
5085 ET Esbeek


Reachable by mail an phone
+31 (0)13 516 92 14