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Mega Plastics has the possibility to sort all the plastics by its sister company Broeckx Plastic Recycling. Broeckx has an extensive sorting cabinet in which experienced employees sort the plastic materials manually. We also sort the materials mechanically. By this way of working, we can guarantee consistancy of high quality  used plastics. Our customers can count on a continuous flow of high quality and homogeneous flow of plastic materials which can be processed without any concerns.

By carefully sorting the plastics materials by our experienced employees, we can guarantee the consistency of our product’s quality.

Twan Hesselmans

Operational manager

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Organizations and certifications

Mega Plastics is working tightly together, with multiple international government organizations, which gives insight into the plastics’ processing process. We are also in possession of different certifications that guarantee our processes, products, organization and export.

Do you want to know which certificates we have more? Or are you a relation and you wish to receive a copy? Please contact us.

Do you want to know more? Contact us!

Broeckx Plastic Recycling BV

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5085 ET Esbeek


Reachable by mail an phone
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