Mega Plastics is specialized in selling, and trading used plastic package materials outside Europe and is already active for over 30 years in the plastics recycling business.
With its sister company Broeckx Plastic Recycling, Mega Plastics controls the source’s entire process until the recycled product. This makes Mega Plastics your goto partner when it comes down to purchasing, selling, shipping and circular deployment of plastics worldwide.

We are your trustworthy partner with decades of export experience worldwide.

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Quality assurance due careful sorting

One of the conditions for recycling is a homogeneous and clean flow of plastics. Broeckx Plastic Recycling has all the sorting facilities on-site,  to guarantee a successful recycling process.

Our products

We can offer almost any kind of business-like plastic. This mostly means used packagings foils, production failures, or granulates. These materials we offer most of the time in bales of in big-bags.

All the right certificates for export

Mega Plastics is working tightly together, with multiple international government organizations, which gives insight into the plastics’ processing process. We are also in possession of different certifications that guarantee our processes, products, organization and export.

Do you want to know which certificates we have more? Or are you a relation and you wish to receive a copy? Please contact us.

Do you want to know more? Contact us!

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